Tile and Grout Cleaning
Orange County Carpet , Tile & Grout Cleaning

We at Orange County Carpet and Tile Cleaning want to offer you the BEST quality tile and grout cleaning services. Therefore we believe in purchasing the newest state of the art equipment to make your tile and grout as clean as it can be.

Revolutionary Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Tile and grout cleaning equipment, The Gekko and the Turbo, are a new approach to cleaning your tile surfaces that may be diverse and difficult. While flooring surfaces and tiles are diverse, most are routine to clean. However, it is the grout tying surfaces together that holds the grout cleaning dilemma. The use of the Gekko and Turbo helps us and consumers to solve and/or prevent the unsightly appearance and unsanitary odor that accompanies dirty grout and other surfaces. We will be able to literally save most “problem floors” from replacement if you utilize our tile & grout cleaning services. With these Tile and Grout Cleaners, we will also save you the cost to update tired old colored grout, and prevent you from having to tear out and start all over. Tile and grout cleaning will save you lots of inconvenience and unnecessary costs.

Down page you can see the equipment used for our tile and grout cleaning services, along with the High Performance Truck Mounted Systems to clean your flooring and more.

Turbo-Hyrid Tile Cleaner uses the heat, pressure jets, and suction from our powerful truck-mounted units to emulsify, remove dirt, and rinse your tile & grout instantly. Your completely rrinsed and residue free grout is ready to be sealed.

The Gekko-concentrates water pressure through an amazing new jet that creates extreme force for cleaning severely soiled grout.

Sealing is the most important, and yet most overlooked part of floor maintenance. Without some sort of protection, even regular mopping can leave your floor looking dirty and uneven in color.

Once your floor is cleaned - or while it is still new and unstained - it should be protected. Tile and Grout Cleaning - Proper Methods You may have decided that it only takes a simple sweeping and mop to keep your tile and grout clean. If this is the case, you have been miss-informed. With hard ceramic tile, or any tile with grout as a binder, vinegar based cleaners will corrode and cause your grout and tile to crack. Bring your tile and grout back to life and make it look new again. Maintaining your tile and grout is important, so here are 3 easy steps that can help you with this process:

» Sweeping is fine on a regular basis, if you do not plan on mopping right after. Mopping after sweeping will only cause excess dirt held between grout to become knocked down and sealed in, causing your grout to become dirty. Instead vacuum your tile and grout before you put any water on it.

» Only use a neutral floor cleaner when mopping your floor that has a PH scale under 7. Check the label of your floor cleaner to make sure that it is safe for all tile and grout cleaning purposes.

» Properly mop your floor! Use a 24 oz. string mop and wring water lightly to make sure mop is fairly wet. Mop one section at a time cleaning equipment as mop picks up water. After every other rinse, refill bucket with new clean water to reduce recycled gray water.


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